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6 Kinds of Foods help to quit smoking

6 kinds of help to quit smoking


Food plays an important role helping smokers could reduce the appetite of the brush and make healthy. The meals are properly coupled with the implementation of a number of principles can rabbis cigarette. Let's look at some foods that help reduce the urge of smoking.
Avoid eating beef, sugar, coffee and alcohol
There are many activities that will make you have a strong urge to smoke a cigarette. Meanwhile, the consumption of beef could increase the taste of tobacco. The impact to the brain due to the consumption of coffee and alcohol that makes your enthusiastic smokers.
You should eat apples, about 2 to 3 a day. Apples contain protein helps reduce the level of toxins in the blood. The case is the best diet mixed with apple juice helps eliminate toxins from tobacco in the blood . Apples, crackers and sweet can help smokers bitter mouth when to quit smoking.
Home cinnamon
There are many ways you can use cinnamon as an aid to help stop you from smoking. How easily is just beginning to absorb the smell of it when you smoke drifts . Then the smell of cinnamon will increase brain activity helps reduce tension and eliminate memory which signals from can stop smoking.
Cinnamon can provide many benefits to parts of the human body as well as the abdomen and blood in almost all .

Ginger and Garlic
In other words, natural ginger, spicy flavors can make you sweat and release toxins. The garlic can help relax blood pressure to stabilize when you stop smoking.
Milk and dairy products
How can you imagine that after you drink a glass of milk, you'll feel unwanted smoking? Your cigarette is delicious because the milk will make your cigarettes become staples bitter.
Carrots, parsley polish cucumbers are the foods that have the ability to control appetite smoking. These vegetables can make cigarettes have turned into a bad smell and reduces appetite Nicole.
The idea is not content with just taking your tongue lick salt appetite, it will stop smoking immediately.

Before treatment back

Before treatment back

Women who have beautiful skin back may also reflect the charm of Samoa's and confident when wearing fields back. However, if women and black leather back can make them feel no confidence when you wear clothes back or clothing married. Theme houses rich in oil and sweat more than any other place all over the body and is difficult to use foam to wash back. Once before the colt was not cleaned well, it can cause inflammation or irritation. When we do not timely treatment, the virus will cause disease epidemics Dermatology and can not eliminate spots black.

Factors that cause acne back include heredity, hormones, body, tension and especially the care of not only . Acne is caused by clogged pores, fat, dirt and dead skin. You should clean the sweat off your back immediately after exercise or play sports. In addition, you should also wash bath houses in the proper 2 times in 1 day using products get rid of damaged skin to help cut slicks help keep skin smooth and fine.

If there are multiple conditions and want to get results quickly cures in skin care centers. But if you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can also massage performed by washing with salt 2 times in 1 month. Then you need to check with prostate screening tools and treatment of back fat by using her crowd, with ingredients such as retail, flowers, vitamins , minerals and other substances. The process to do this to get rid of dead skin cells, making the capacity of fat in the body is destroyed and prevent bacteria sneak into the skin. Eventually, you will be treated with blue light to kill bacteria and toxic substances quickly. Blue light can help the body get rid of toxins against skin diseases.

The best foods that woman in childbirth should be

The best foods that woman in childbirth should be

Not only when pregnant, but health care is very important for women. But after giving birth, your body also needs time to cure. You need to spend at least 4 to 6 weeks, so-called after the birth. During the birth, women often have difficulty in body and mind. Parents should get the nutrients necessary enough to avoid all these problems after birth . The mother should eat a diet rich in nutrients, easy to digest food, to avoid spicy foods, such as chili, pepper and alcohol that impact breast milk. Restrictions on cooling, seafood such as fish, in the past 6 weeks after birth. Fasting is always the different reduction of diet, a lack of nutrients, affect the quantity and quality of milk. A diet rich in nutrients can help her heal faster. When breastfeeding mothers need extra nutrients 1 500 calories per day, in particular, should take as many crackers. Food ingredients should be enough: all sorts of cereals, foods that are high protein, fat, vitamin A, calcium potassium and b elements employer. To have enough breast milk mothers should drink 3 liters of water, oil, snails, orange juice, milk every day .... Diet can be divided into 3-4 in 1 day. Eating papaya or Potato soup with rib helps the rich milk. Most women always have symptoms, constipation after childbirth. Frequent constipation may be serious consequences: disease hemorrhoids, uterus ... the best way to avoid from constipation symptoms, women must eat enough green vegetables, drink enough. After meals, parents should eat fresh fruits, is divided eat 3 to 4 times in 1 day My body is fresh, easy to digest. Iron is an essential element in the production of blood, deliver nutrients and oxygen to the combustion energy for the body. Iron deficiency after childbirth can cause: dizziness, frequent forgetfulness, affecting children's wisdom through the mother's milk. Women after childbirth and iron are necessary to have in the diet, regular drinking iron. Foods contain iron, such as vegetables, fruits, egg yolks, lean meat, fish, vegetables, beef ... if not settled the amount of iron in the diet, parents can use medicines that contain iron. Eating more fruits, vitamin C enhances iron. Protein helps build muscle, increase defense against infection after childbirth, was full of energy. These foods are rich in protein include meat, milk products, poultry, beans, eggs, peanuts, fish, seafood, avocado.

Nutrients in milk and balance of nutrients enough for pregnant women, as well as a source of protein. More milk can provide the necessary energy, high protein, iron, calcium, vitamin and mineral needs help parents who do not have enough rest at night.

Things you should not do while eating

Things you should not do while eating

You become ever heard already about what should not be done and should be done before or after eating. But you must also know a few things not to do while not eat in order to ensure their health.

1. drinking water
Although the drink before eating can help you eat fewer foods a chance to weight loss Yes. But medical history does not encourage you to drink water during meals, especially alcohol. According to the nutrition experts of India Dr., Shonali Sabherwal suggests that drinking water during intake food and interfere with the production of the digestive system. For this reason, insulin levels stable, the fast hold of the body that makes you face With more and more overweight. In addition to the other when the water can affect the metabolism and the mystery of the digestive function of the stomach pump. The best factor that you should drink water before eating or after eating foods better.

2. speech
During the meal, you should not say much, because it has the following problems:
- Can make swallowing can cause choking or obstruct the airways can cause fatalities .
- When eating can make international food sprays out of the mouth or sprays into other dishes. In addition, it can also facilitate bacteria into the mouth along to the detriment body. So when eating foods you should avoid these factors to health.

3. Eating too fast
Eating too fast and make the impossibilities along with as much as a sore stomach digest food, fatigue, nervousness, difficulty sleeping. Food must pass an oral chew mixed with enzymes in saliva can be easy the dissolution. If you eat too fast food is not destroyed, it increases the burden on the stomach. In addition, for a number of foods that contain fat, it's getting harder to affect the digestive and nutrients causing waste of food that the stomach pain. To keep the body properly digest the food you should eat slowly, chew carefully. This can be fun and the food tastes better.

10 test this type can help to relieve concerns of a woman's skin wrinkles

10 test this type can help to relieve concerns of a woman's skin wrinkles

Skin wrinkles along the external environment combined with a daily diet do not have enough life support just make skin cells can not grow in time. This is the biggest enemy, which makes women's skin losing its beauty. And so every woman should be easy to eat some food because it can provide sufficient nutrients can help eliminate saggy skin wrinkles. Below are 10 types of biological enough to reduce wrinkles and make skin fresh natural:

1. Tuber Carrots: Carrots tubers are rich in fiber and contain pigments which can increase the production of collagen Sen (protein associated tissue in the body and makes the skin soft).

2. Eggs: Eggs not only provide nutrients to the skin but also helps prevent heart disease.

3. Garlic: Garlic is effective against bacteria, persecuted on the body. Garlic can protect the skin against factors such as tension, oxygen ....

4. Salmon: If you include salmon in the daily diet can help your skin, your skin only healthy but also reduces wrinkles. Salmon contain protein and 3 fatty acids, nutrients help protect skin effectively aging properties.

5. Nuts: cashew If you eat regularly, it can help older skin cells factor is important is removing the old. Cashew nuts also contain vitamin E, which can help prevent aging properties and prevent skin damage.

6. Mustard: mustard contains nutrients that can help prevent wrinkles and protect skin from the sun.

7. Chocolate: Experts say: eat chocolate or chocolate painted on the skin regularly can help eliminate wrinkles on the skin. However, there is still controversy over the use of chocolate personally think that eating chocolate, the better Eating chocolate every day, is it really good for your skin. Eating chocolate can often help keep skin smooth and fine, old cells, helps protect the skin from light Purple rays ultrasound and the skin bright white.

8. Peppers: peppers contain vitamin A and vitamin E, nutrients to the skin and protect skin from UV-rays. In particular, red peppers contain vitamin C, anti-wrinkle skin. Red peppers can also help protect against radiation, protect the skin from aging properties. Because peppers contain vitamin so many good homes should all add peppers into meal to create a new skin cell reduces wrinkles.

9. Broccoli: The protein in zeaxanthin may help prevent aging properties and protects the skin from irritation heat even skin cancer .

10. Siberia blue: blue Siberia was considered a type of fruit is effective against skin wrinkles and can reduce cell damage. Blue Siberia, too, can also help neutralize the conflict with radiation and protects the skin cells.

Skin care less to avoid acne

Skin care less to avoid acne

Everyone wanted a fresh face who phosphate supply, especially for ladies only once, but if you do not take care to preserve the well, then your skin will lose its attraction entirely. Thus, to get a fresh skin without acne on his face, you should clean and follow factor The following number.

Ass clean skin every day
Bacteria, dust that is on your skin is the main reason that leads to acne. Especially in the summer once our skin not only not only been affected by the bacteria, pollution of the environment, but often it is also faced with the sweat much too often this can also pore will easily cause HIV infection, as well as cause acne. Therefore, to prevent (before), you should pay attention to cleaning your face pretty especially after playing sports or running throughout the day.

Wash the skin to correct
When you wash your skin you should wash your hands first. Otherwise, you should choose products that are suitable to your skin condition, we should wash it 2 times If you want to wash it more than this, you can wash it with plain water. In during cleaning, you should use your hands, rub clean soft massage to fossil knows into cleaning good bacteria. Hill Moreover, Wash Pearl closely to avoid a loss of natural moisture from Turkey protecting the skin.

Zinc supplementation
The lack of nutrients zinc is a direct hit to the full fat activity released fat Besides being less than before. therefore, zinc supplementation is enough series for the body as well as the defense. you should increase food that contains plenty of zinc, such as eggs, fish, crab, oyster marine medicine, Russell in your daily food but you should not eat it too much because it can also cause acne. These nutritious foods rich in zinc, so it can help fight the virus that causes acne.

Under increasing pressure from the job as well as the learning and the lack of sleep on a regular basis, there will be tensions can cause acne also the main reason that causes acne is still not enough sleep causes dehydration skin activates fat below the skin glands to release the fat comes out of date. So you should rest more, especially after a break from work or study fatigue.

Antibiotic-eat breakfast to get toned

Antibiotic-eat breakfast to get toned

Breakfast is the most important meal every day, especially for those who want to lose weight to shape. Pop not only eating breakfast helps your digestive system works well and destroy more fat calories one day. Therefore, to promote the consumption of breakfast to be more effective, you should follow certain principles as follows:

1. After eating takes 1 hour
People who eat breakfast regularly are less at risk of being overweight, but also depending on brewing time. Hence, you should eat breakfast an hour after waking from sleep habits because it can maintain and increase metabolism.

2. Eating foods rich in protein and sugar
The cake is the best food for lunch, but you can not eat breakfast daily. You should choose foods with high levels of protein, such as eggs, milk, sugar and grain. These levels low in calories but high-energy offers a lot of benefits for those who want to shed weight and maintain good health.

3. At least, diets containing fiber 8 under
Eating foods rich in fiber at least 8 in the morning can make better weight loss, according to expert interpretation breakfast.
Dietary fiber in fresh fruit and cereal, so you can also eat fruit juices 11.7 below can also provide fiber to your body.

4. Do not add too many calories to the body

Depending on weight and eating breakfast, which left a lot of calories your body knows. So you should only eat 300 to 500 calories in the morning would be better. Foods such as yogurt, fresh fruit, bread is the best choice for breakfast, you want to lose weight.

Learn to breathe properly can help healthy

Learn to breathe properly can help healthy

Breathing correctly not only helps the body to good health, but also, can cure diseases too many. Therefore, to maintain good health, began training weekly from breathing exercises.

Breathing plays an important role in the human body. We breathe about 20,000 times in 1 day. Even breathing seems a natural as well but no one knows how to breathe properly. Over the last decade, the Chinese medicine focuses on the breath. Only later Drug Western was formed and recognized the importance of energy. Association psychological expert Richard Brown at the University of Columbia added: energy sources, the most important is the oxygen SEN. The body can obtain oxygen in the simplest way, such as changing the way we breathe. Breathing correctly not only helps us to be healthy, but it also can provide effective special treat chronic diseases, asthma, stomach, tension .... You can also catch the disease from breathing. Breathing fast, short, adrenal problems and will probably destroyed hormone brain Som you tensions. When your body is tense immune cells will decrease the bacteria small sensitivities.
Fortunately, there are simple ways to amend this situation. Try to practice breathing exercises as follows:

Breathe properly for healthy start to learn how to breathe properly

1. Abdominal breathing
Such exercises provide more oxygen to the lungs, respiratory traffic well helps reduce tensions.

How to make:
- Lying down, knees up, put one hand on the chest and the other hand on the chest
- Breathe slowly
- When you breathe out is biting lips. While breathing in and breathing out to keep putting his hand on his chest. Such exercises 3 times a day for 5 to 10 minutes. If you practice enough you will start breathing like this automatically.

2. Breathing through one nostril
This kind of yoga that makes relief to reduce blood pressure, obesity increase memory, the Asahi said.

How to make:
- Use the right thumb off the right nostril and breathe in slowly through the left nostril
- After closing the left nostril again and open the right nostril and breathe out slowly through the right nostril
- Turn right nostril breathing, and then closed again changed. Continue to do this 5 times. You can do these exercises whenever you nervous.

3. Shut off the breathing
This is an exercise to increase the wiser. It can help increase energy.

How to make:
- Your mouth shut, breathing in and out quickly. Do this 3 times in 1 minute 15 seconds, then relax
- Then increase this up to 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Strawberry Wine way to lose weight through food

Strawberry Wine way to lose weight through food

There are several ways to lose weight by fasting every day but eat less water can also cause weight loss. Eating foods that contain fluids such as soup will help you feel full longer and are thought to be one way to lose weight. Food experts believe that foods such as rice soup will help people eat and feel full longer. Fund Foods UK has said, however, the consumption of 1 cup water after eating it also will not affect weight gain. This method is based on several studies have shown, however, someone eating the wrong type each lot and eating a lot different today, but the energy that they use very little will change.

If we consume more energy in food is less, we will no longer feel that all these foods really did not provide much energy our body. The spokesman said the fund (research has shown that people who eat a lot of food in 1 day not sure that they get to have many calories, too. so we can reduce the body to avoid excessive hunger because the energy that knows into its less by eating foods that contain fewer calories. Dr. Elizabeth forage expert introduced to the Fund (the policy should be implemented energy redistribution reversed example: eating less energy, less food energy). but the British dietary Association said (eating more vegetables is not a meat, fish and flour every evening also helps lose weight.

Want younger charging a 10 scholarship category

Want younger charging a 10 scholarship category

No way that could centralize the elderly, but there is a way to help delay the aging. Perhaps there are some fans are looking for every way to delay aging, such as spa and school from preservation Samosas, and see. But did you know that all is not as important as what you eat every day, S important that you eat is a great herb to protect aging properties? The top 10 food categories that provide great benefits. You should eat all this every day.

1. vegetable
Green vegetables contain calcium and nutrients that can help the health of bones can not only against the mentally ill these help to have a particularly good memory to help prevent eye problems. Diet containing enough vegetables: zeaxanthin and cabbage ... help reduce behavior cancer and aging.

2. Cereals
The cereals are rich in fiber, vitamins, and contains elements against cardiovascular disease and heart cancer. Grains also help prevent blood sugar and diabetes.

3. fish
Fish oil provides 3 fatty acids help fight inflammation in the body. People who eat fish every week can help reduce the risk of disease and blood vessel brain.

4. small fruits
Blackberries, red berries ... can help reduce cancer and can also help increase the capacity of the brain, muscle and protect aging of the body.

5. Olive oil
Olive oil helps reduce heart disease, cancer and mental disorders.

6. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are red fruits that can help skin look younger. Tomatoes can also help reduce cancer (particularly prostate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer) and heart disease.

7. Peanuts
Peanuts contain a lot of fat, rich in vitamins and protein. Peanuts are considered a type of food that benefit the health of the blood vessels, heart and brain. More than this, it can also help reduce inflammation in the body.

8. Broth
Grapes may help fight inflammation in the body and can slow down aging. This is why red wine and wine can contribute to heart health too.

9. Only
Type (white and green) can help reduce heart disease, cancer, and psychiatric disease.

10. Spice spicy
Such as ginger contains anti-inflammatory substances in the body help reduce dementia. Leeks and garlic can help prevent cancer, heart disease and help lower blood sugar.

Combine garlic, ginger is effective drugs can cure many diseases

Combine garlic, ginger is effective drugs can cure many diseases

Combine spices, garlic and ginger as a drug is very easy to make and easy of use. In particular, it is effectively an incredible two of spices, when blended together.

1. For men with mental weakness the use ginger 30 under 2 cloves garlic, roasted together to dry, then eat as food. After eating for a week, you will see the effect, especially with the young man.

2. Disease, flu, headache, fever, anxiety and nausea materials used 15 grams of fresh ginger, garlic, 6, crawfish and a little sugar, then planted a drink or Sesay also concerns in bed.

3. Treating coma - mixed with fresh ginger, garlic and leeks that you think suitable for use. After washing water, spices, mixed and put into the water to drink.

4. Wind - 100 g of fresh ginger, garlic, 400 grams and 10 ml lemon honey wine from fruit to three 800 ml. After putting these together and soak for 3 months straight drinking water. Every time a drink is only 3 to 5 mixed with cold water, you have to remember, do not drink too much.

5. Vomiting, pale, tired, And at white moss, pulse weakness jam tube using a ginger and garlic shrimp separated both spices into a powder, mixed into the cake for eating.

6. Challenges, arthritis - use fresh ginger, onions, garlic, leeks, sesame oil, spices each 120 grams wormwood leaves 30 under a special wine 600 grams. First, you need to take ginger, onions, garlic, leeks, mixed bag, then pour the wine and boiled. Then pour sesame oil, stir into the body when using a new heat and put it straight limb problems 1 to 2 times a day.

7. Discount urine, Kidney treat inflammatory piece fresh ginger 3, a bouquet of garlic, garlic 3 crawfish Hans resolution put into cakes and eating three times a day.

10 Help keep skin fresh

10 help keep skin fresh

To eat to have nice skin really is easier than you think. Eat in the 10 with the capability to help nourish the skin and helps the skin moist. Let's add all this into your skin, you will notice that the really strange after eating all of these foods.

1. Hazel green leaf vegetables
These vegetables can help prevent out. Dark green leafy vegetables such as green cabbage, capable anti-oxidant activities. It helps protect the skin nasty virus that causes skin cancer. If ladies iron deficiency track black circles around the eyes will occur and, therefore, should eat broccoli blue. Moreover, broccoli also contains zinc, as well as a study of Switzerland, said that if offers zinc into the body after the previous 3 months, 85% will be lost entirely.

2. Olive oil
This type of oil the skin moist and helps smooth a number of fats and oils in food demand, it is important the skin soft, adventure. People with dry skin or peeling skin if eating foods that contain oils and fats, it will help reduce dry skin a speedy recovery and more intelligent than in the past 2 to 3 weeks. Olive oil, 1 spoon rice in 1 day or drink every day will help dry skin and skin damage. For those pores closed fat and olive oil will help open pores.

3. Walk along the beach
Walking the Northeast coast can also help keep the skin moist and help maintain good health because steam treatment skin symptoms bright. Reaction skin will make the skin look nice London-fat and skin will cause skin wrinkles, skin loss. A good idea is that you should drink at least 8 glasses of 1 day to keep skin healthy.

4. Cauliflower (American Kang)
Zeaxanthin can help keep skin soft and younger because it contains a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C and protein to fight disease skin cancer. Vitamin C helps the skin soft and bright. The vitamin A helps protect the skin from infection.

5. small fruits
Fruits can reduce wrinkles contribute to healthy skin these small fruit storage element against aging . Small fruit may also help protect memory and equality. Test ripe berries contain vitamin C, which helps to qualify old skin cells make the new skin and look younger.

6. Salmon
 Salmon can help reduce itchy rash on the skin and helps the skin smooth salmon contains 3 fatty acids help fight dry skin help reduce swelling on the skin. These fatty acids may also be in the mackerel fish, sea or in the fruit. If possible, you should eat fatty fish 2 grams (available in pharmacies), equivalent to 114 grams of fat of salmon. Or test the oil, grains and cereals for breakfast. Fatty fish and grains contain zinc, which can help treat acne effectively and help cells grow well.

7. Watermelons
Watermelon fruit can prevent skin irritation and wrinkles because it contains a protein that helps fight skin wrinkles.

8. Soybeans
The effect of the soybeans can help acne scars on the surface of the skin to prevent acne. Hospital dermatologist said that eating soybeans 85 grams in 1 week. Moreover, soybeans contain vitamin E, which helps the cells grow well and help keep skin soft.

9. Carrots
Carrots can be useful in helping to prevent wrinkles and make skin healthy when the chewing as many carrots because carrots contain vitamin a, which is essential to help eliminate wrinkles. You can also be found in fruits and vegetables such as free fruit or potatoes.

10. Flour, oats
This powder can help get rid of toxins and help skin growing consumption of flour, oats as barbarous for breakfast is actually good for healthy skin. It's going to get rid of toxins from the body and make your skin clean. Flour, oats are rich in B vitamins help to produce new skin cells.

The secret that makes lips ladies beauty

The secret that makes lips ladies beauty

Women also want lips that are beautiful not imagine leading education valves or infection. Sexy lips, not based paint products to red lips, you need to know how to decorate the lip appropriate to be better.

Keep lips clean
Lips have no sebaceous glands under the skin so that it is easy to dry and prone to cracked lips so be painted waxing more frequently to the lips moist. Some people are sensitive lips met with the accident when climate change becomes a cold sore lip enlargement or may cracked and bleeding. To treat this situation first, you should drink enough water to eat good food for healthy skin, such as soybeans lotus dried grapes, strawberries, sugar, fruit such as citrus fruit, pineapple, jackfruit, papaya fruit ... these can help keep your skin clean and vitamin is given to the body and is necessary to help lips.

Beautiful lips, the perfect is the dream of every lady
You should use sunscreen to moist lips moving and protect the impact from the outside. You should choose a sunscreen to make lips moist with a high quality, avoid using products that contain perfume odor because it contains unnecessary chemicals. If you go outside, you should opt for lip cream solar defend and protect lips from the elements radiation. Of course, you need to avoid a lick lips drinking coffee because it can cause dry skin and solid easily shook blood. Should you have a habit of biting their lips because it can help the effects of the environment can affect the teeth if you bite lips many times per year for a long time. If possible, you should apply a little honey every evening for 20 minutes to help keep lips soft.

Makeup lips are sexy
First, you should not apply a thin powder layer on the lips before putting the cream colored ribbon on the mouth. This will help the cream color on the lips quickly. If you prefer to put the cream on the edge, you should use sunscreen lip color to make lips look beautiful. If you are too thin lips, use lip gloss from the edge thin lips and colored cream black bright avoids creams colorfully. Smooth thin lips should use lip gloss to full. If you have too thick lip after lip and a pair of lips on the edge of the lip to help look small. Then use a brush to smooth the cream. The latter used a tissue to wipe lip on the edge of a runny cream.

Exercise on the lips
Want to make the lips sexier, but you also need to exercise regularly to fit mouth lips beauty. Near the entrance to breathe deeply and swollen mouth breathing slowly, do this 20 times.

Benefits of the mango fruit, peaches, lychee and Plums

Benefits of the mango fruit, peaches, lychee and Plums

The new discovery shows that mangoes provide tremendous benefits to health. In a mango fruit an average of 100 calories, protein grams, 0.5 grams fat, 25 g carbohydrate, 23 g sugar and fiber 3 g. Purple can meet the daily diet because it contains vitamin C, vitamin A, 35%, 20% acid folate, vitamin B6, 10 percent, 8 percent and vitamin K potassium that our body needs. Not only mango also contain sulfur, calcium, and chemicals against some oxygen.

Some studies have also shown that the message that anti-oxidant found in mango, fruits and vegetables a number of blue can cause a danger to the eye in particular risks related to the old. However, mango also contains nutrients beta-carotene, which may help prevent prostate cancer and colon.

The tests by experts at the University of Texas pointed out that for cancer patients, lung, colon and breast cancer blood makes much better. For vitamin K and calcium can be useful for bone, fiber beneficial to digestion vs. Star constipation and prevent water diabetes. In addition to syphilis can prevent affect blood vessels in the heart and hit some more.

In summer, most people always want to eat more fruit to maintain balance in the body. However, experts have said that if they eat in moderation is good for health, but if they eat more overdose is the impact on health.

Peaches: a fruit is rich in bromide, sugar, zinc, slime ... that are better for people who have symptoms of pale blackness. In experiments, slime is useful for digestion and prevent constipation. However, testing shows that this type of fruit can cause diarrhea, abdominal disease and other diseases If you eat too much.

Plums: This is a type of fruit is rich in vitamins A replacement to the eyes as well as nutrients that are important for shaping body such as proteins, fats, phosphorus, iron, potassium .... But eating too much, it will turn out to be problems, such as rashes, acne, particularly fever.

Kulen: In this type of fruit is rich in magnesium, potassium and some vitamins, especially vitamin C, which provides many benefits for health . But if you have a disease such as pain, purple Soft ... should not eat too much because it can cause disease the more serious and can cause a number of other consequences. Even those who usually eat too much, along with symptoms of fever, head, dizziness than before.

5 Drink can help reuse toxins in the body

5 drink can help reuse toxins in the body

Toxins accumulate in the body for a long time will make you tired and stressed. The drink that combines the simple diet can help clean the toxins in your body quickly.

1. salt
The use of salt can be reversed sputum, pesticides, swollen feet ... In addition to that, it also helps in digestion , stimulates the cells, the body's immune .... Drink a cup of salt water in the morning, but do not use salt water to 6 per day, because it can cause mucus, kidney damage, dehydration. This method is provided recommendations for normal health.

2. Lemon juice
Oranges rich in vitamin C, which provides many benefits for health and liver instead to reuse toxic body. To be effective in secret toxins in your body every day you need to drink lemon juice 1 cup in the morning. But should be mixed with warm water warm even more effective.

3. Tea
Tastes slightly bittersweet mix of clear sugar in the blood and neutralize toxins in the body. But you have to remember that low blood pressure should not eat too select.

4. Water nuke
Nike nutrition, which is capable enough to help the liver to reuse toxic. You can drink the water nuke replace the water every day, but you can be sure that your product is nice to get Because the best pets.

5. Vinegar
In Japan, drinking vinegar has become a normal routine. More than 8 percent drank vinegar regularly and 70 percent of people are trying to drink vinegar to specifics. Vinegar is rich in amino acids, enzymes, glycolytic and fatty acids that stimulate the bowel and reduce fat in the blood, especially maintain the balance of intestinal bacteria but. Every week you can drink good vinegar 1 to 2 times to ensure damage to the stomach. Alternatively, you can also use vinegar and half spoon rice mixed with a glass of water (approximately 180 to 230 ml) every day.

Simple habits can reduce the risk of cancer from 25 to 50 percent

Simple habits can reduce the risk of cancer from 25 to 50 percent

Research Italy has confirmed that the rate of cervical esophageal disease and oral trailers from bad eating habits. Previous studies are similar, but many remain skeptical, saying that the people involved are China, therefore, can not be sure drought garlic can help prevent cancer in the West.

But with the disclosure, it can be said that the Middle East could also protect cancer patients eat more garlic. TS.Carlotta Galeone chief researcher added, still can not claim that garlic can prevent cancer directly, but people may prefer to take garlic as a diet of fruits and vegetables can help them to reduce cancer .

Studies in the laboratory have shown that compounds in garlic can inhibit the development of cancer cells. Sulfur compounds and flavonoids in garlic is an antioxidant agent which is capable of protecting cells from the invasion of cancer. Galeone and his friends have done analysis on the study on the impact of garlic and drought in Australia and Switzerland. For esophageal cancer was found in women and men who ate 7 or more times a week can help reduce the risk low than those who do not eat.

Keeping these simple habits can reduce the risk of cancer from 25 to 50 percent for people who eat garlic at least 7 times a week. People who prefer to take garlic as a diet can also reduce the risk of developing cancer of the throat, mouth, and kidney. If you add the garlic in daily diet or mix them with other scrumptious, it is a good thing to avoid cancer. In general, experts recommend that people eat more fruit and vegetables daily can help keep their bodies they are well.

Bad habits in cooking could threaten your health

Bad habits in cooking could threaten your health

Food safety is one thing that is very important because it is related to the health of your whole family . Neglect without making sanitation and kitchen equipment properly can affect health seriously .

not wash
Hand washing is a very important principle when you start to make food. The lazy or forget to wash your hands when entering the kitchen will make an impact on the health of the entire family if you dirty hand to affect other devices. This is the factor that makes the cross into the food and makes an impact on health when you eat. And so you should wash their hands with soap before hand to touch meat or vegetables when .

Shirts Cooking for dirt
Perhaps there are too many people who do not pay attention to the shirt worn in the kitchen. Wearing clothes that are not clean dust or bacteria into the food in that it can cause to become Other symptoms. This is another reason that affects your health.

Wash did not fall or knife
Usually, we always fall habits or knife, not cleaned beforehand. This is entirely due to the contamination of bacteria, fungi ... especially when wet weather. Therefore, to ensure the safety you need to clean the equipment in the kitchen to be clean before use.

Raw and cooked foods separate
When you use the scoop mixed it will make next to infected raw food into cooked food. Doing so would make your stomach diarrhea ... then the other can cause serious diseases of the stomach burns or bowel.

9 The fact that you should not breastfeed

9 The fact that you should not breastfeed

Mothers' milk is a source of good nutrition for children's growth, but in some cases, you should not breastfeed Removing the child because it can support hair health threat to babies.

Mothers taking
When parents have symptoms such as fever or flu is the use of medications to treat, but you should not breastfeed.

Parents have pulmonary tuberculosis
Especially during the development of the disease, you should not keep mum or breastfeeding mothers. If not, avoid these two factors, it can affect the health of children.

Mother had heart disease or diabetes
When parents have heart, kidney, diabetes, need to see a doctor make a diagnosis and get advice on whether to breast-feeding How? Usually, mothers should not breast-feeding, should find other ways to improve breastfeeding.

Mother with epilepsy
When breastfeeding during illness seizures can be very dangerous. In addition to the mother's milk contains elements such as Luminal, Valium, sodium Phenytoin ... towing a positive reaction children.

Mother with hepatitis
This disease can infect children through breastfeeding. Therefore, every mother should stop breastfeeding mothers at this time to avoid hurting children.

Mothers with HIV
The National Commission on AIDS and the prevention of drug abuse, prostitution recommends that breastfeeding should not use methods for nurturing children. According to the expert, adding that besides raising children with milk every woman can raise children with milk, fruit juice , baby powder or porridge. Breast-milk substitute measures are completely effective in tackling the risk of HIV infection from mother to child .

Mothers with breast lesions
A mother who have symptoms of breast inflammation that had beaten breast nipple they should stop breastfeeding.

Exposure to chemicals or pesticide No.
The effects of chemical substances can make mother's milk contains toxic substances and can cause problems for children when feeding. The best factor you should not do, what to wear with a poison and to stay away from environments that have suffered pollution.

Fitness room
During the movement, your body produces acid lactic and makes you less appetite. According to tests in a general regime of moderate exercise, the body still produces water. So before you, breast-feeding mothers is scheduled exercise and enough rest first.

The benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning

The benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning

Instead of coffee or drinks in the morning, you should drink orange cat to get a lot of benefits to health. There are very many people who like to drink hot coffee in the morning, but experts recommend trying to drink water a glass of lemon in the morning can boost the immune system, digestive system and helps the skin beautiful.

Strengthening the immune system immediately
Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, enhance immune function, reduce the risk of respiratory infections. Ascorbic acid vitamin C in the lemon juice can be anti-inflammatory and to treat asthma or other respiratory symptoms. Orange juice also has healing properties flu and colds, especially ascorbic acid also helps the body absorb steel and components for the defense of the body.

Contain alkaline
Although lemon tastes sour, but, in fact, it's one of the food items alkalines your body needs. In the water, citric acid, ascorbic acid, which makes the body easily absorb bio minerals.

Support the digestive system
Lemon is used for cleaning and stimulate liver function. Lemon juice is known as a support in digestion. The vitamin C contained in lemon juice can also reduce the risk of stomach ulcers.

Beautiful skin
Vitamin C and antioxidants in the lemon help fight and ultraviolet ultraviolet radiation or environmental toxins. The number of antioxidants that are found in lemon can help reduce wrinkles. In addition to lemon juice can help promote liver function and helps to clear toxins in the blood, making the skin smooth.

Wounds heal quickly
Ascorbic acid is known as vitamin C helps heal wounds. This item is also an important nutrient for maintaining bone tissue and cartilage healthy.

Power supply,
To eat a cup of lemon juice in the morning can help the body energy and reduce depression. Even the aroma of lemon is also considered effective silence on the nervous system.

Four benefits of peanuts you unexpectedly

Four benefits of peanuts you unexpectedly

Peanuts are a type of plants but to use in food. There were only peanuts tastes delicious, but they were not yet aware of the great benefits for health, which will assume not yet.

Against cancer and osteoporosis
In the Peanuts contain phytosterols, which work against the blood vessels in the heart, with the interference of cholesterol. Especially against cancer by reducing the development of the muscles that cause cancer.

Lose weight and aid blood processing
Many people believe that Abraham in peanuts, high-fat, however, experts believe that the peanut is the nutrition that can help control weight and prevention obesity effectively. With Folic acid has a lot of fat, which can help reduce cholesterol in the blood will clear waste contained in intestine that causes obesity. Peanuts about 30 grams can provide manganese, 35 percent of which is necessary for the body. Manganese plays an important role in the metabolism of fat and sugar.

Good for the heart and memory
Did you know that one of the country's relationship with the heart? Because vitamin B3 and niacin can bring benefits a lot to the brain. Some studies have shown that peanuts and other products made from peanuts may help prevent heart disease and protect artery in the heart. Especially for women with postmenopausal edible peanuts are often able to reduce the risk of heart disease. So eat peanuts, at least, four times a week can reduce the risk of heart disease and coronary artery .

Preventing kidney anti-aging, low cholesterol
The researchers found that those who ate peanuts least 58 grams every week can reduce the risk of kidney stones by 25 percent. Moreover, niacin in peanuts can help reduce and control the levels of cholesterol in the blood even more.

How to prevent tooth decay?

How to prevent tooth decay?

The most effective method in the fight against tooth decay is to have a precise schedule in the dental hygiene to contribute these toothbrushes, silk yarn and to see a dentist regularly. Tooth decay can be towed by bacteria debris left over from the food that you have not cleaned well after eating. To fight tooth decay is self-hygiene and to see a doctor regularly.

Toothbrushes and silk fibers
- Eating food every day, always leaving the debris that turned into acid long if you let . to avoid such a condition, you need to clean teeth regularly after meals and before going to bed or wake from sleep . This can prevent an occurrence of the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

- Another important point is the dental hygiene using silk fiber after using toothbrushes. The use of silk fiber brush bacteria between teeth, brush teeth into cleaning. Many people often overlook silk yarn fibers after brushing teeth and this makes landfall no in between teeth development becomes acidic grease to destroy your teeth. So when you brush your teeth, then you need to use vessels more to ensure the safety of teeth.

- To help physicians oral method is the best one for you all. The visits to the doctor for a routine dental cleaning can make teeth healthy and can avoid tooth decay. Serving on the other it helps prevention, cavities and tooth ache more.
- Tooth decay is a problem generally, but this problem can be avoided easily if you apply toothpaste using both of the above to have regular dental cleaning including a doctor.

7 kinds of delicious food, but are harmful to health

7 kinds of delicious food, but are harmful to health

Although some food delicious as well but it can make a serious impact on health if you do not pay attention to it. Below are some foods that affect your health.

1. Raisins
This is a type of food received a lot of interest from people. Although in this type acid salt, which can cause cancer. Moreover, this kind of food was to be soaked in water or sugar syrup that sweetened the blood sugar There is growing rapidly.

2. Cream or milk
You all always liked eating dairy cream after dinner. However, this kind of food can cause obesity appetite is decreased towing inflammatory bowel stomach if you eat too much.

3. Grill
This dish is the most popular, but it can cause cancer, along chemical pastry from operations during the roast. So should people with this dish in moderation.

4. pasta
This is a dish called Pasta is a national species-rich salt, fat, vitamins, and minerals, some too. Too much salt can cause kidney failure and high blood pressure as eating a high-fat can cause heart disease. Once again, the wheat was also found that the impact on the liver and other organs in the body.

5. In animals
For Protestants and vitamins, minerals as well but a lot of fat and cholesterol The main reason that causes heart disease. Eating too much can lead to disease, colon cancer and breast cancer.

6. mhoubkambong
Meat or vegetables preserved in cans usually lost nutrition, particularly some vitamins. Not only this kind of food has been found to be difficult to digest and difficult to absorb the useful than fresh food. In addition, it can lead to a toxic virus that makes the risk of cancer and serious muscle. People who frequently eat food category could be the evolution of the stomach and bowel disease further.

7. Fast food cooked
Taken to foods like fried chicken, potatoes donuts ... were fed frequently. But you need to know that this type of food, the amount of fat and calories that can tow or bad fat to coronary artery disease palm. Research has shown that people who regularly ate fried food can have the highest risk of cancer.

Information should be aware of daily living with diabetes

Information should be aware of daily living with diabetes

A change in lifestyle can help people with diabetes healthy through exercise combined with diet for health benefits.

Daily exercise is an aid for people with diabetes
When people think about the exercise, they are always immediately imagine the image of meat big, scary and sweat when running in the gym. Fortunately, exercise to be healthy for people with diabetes is different than what we previously thought, and the results were surprising.

While living with diabetes means that exercises a delay in the into life with that person. People with diabetes should try to exercise at least 3 times in 1 week and takes 30 minutes 40 minutes. The same or similar exercise are not full meaning and  so power of force too. The walk is enough to raise the heart rate to improve health and solid coconut fiber lining and support for weight loss.

If a person wants to have apparently come out, they can be tested within 30 to 40 minutes, start by walking for 20 minutes and try to be regular. Another changing one's diet can also help improve the situation of physical illness diabetes and make enforcement easier.

Generation for those with diabetes
Diet is a major factor for diabetes patients to be healthy. For those with diabetes should aim to eliminate the existing food such as sweets, fried foods and other fatty foods from diets that used to eat regularly. Instead, eat foods that benefit health, diabetes patients should choose a diet like fruit, vegetable protein without the fat and grains because it is rich in fiber waste.

It's also important for diabetic patients to distinguish their food and the right time. For patients with diabetes may not be easy to live in. However, fasting and exercise plan that allows patients urine sweet and healthy management of their patients very effective efficiency.