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10 test this type can help to relieve concerns of a woman's skin wrinkles

10 test this type can help to relieve concerns of a woman's skin wrinkles

Skin wrinkles along the external environment combined with a daily diet do not have enough life support just make skin cells can not grow in time. This is the biggest enemy, which makes women's skin losing its beauty. And so every woman should be easy to eat some food because it can provide sufficient nutrients can help eliminate saggy skin wrinkles. Below are 10 types of biological enough to reduce wrinkles and make skin fresh natural:

1. Tuber Carrots: Carrots tubers are rich in fiber and contain pigments which can increase the production of collagen Sen (protein associated tissue in the body and makes the skin soft).

2. Eggs: Eggs not only provide nutrients to the skin but also helps prevent heart disease.

3. Garlic: Garlic is effective against bacteria, persecuted on the body. Garlic can protect the skin against factors such as tension, oxygen ....

4. Salmon: If you include salmon in the daily diet can help your skin, your skin only healthy but also reduces wrinkles. Salmon contain protein and 3 fatty acids, nutrients help protect skin effectively aging properties.

5. Nuts: cashew If you eat regularly, it can help older skin cells factor is important is removing the old. Cashew nuts also contain vitamin E, which can help prevent aging properties and prevent skin damage.

6. Mustard: mustard contains nutrients that can help prevent wrinkles and protect skin from the sun.

7. Chocolate: Experts say: eat chocolate or chocolate painted on the skin regularly can help eliminate wrinkles on the skin. However, there is still controversy over the use of chocolate personally think that eating chocolate, the better Eating chocolate every day, is it really good for your skin. Eating chocolate can often help keep skin smooth and fine, old cells, helps protect the skin from light Purple rays ultrasound and the skin bright white.

8. Peppers: peppers contain vitamin A and vitamin E, nutrients to the skin and protect skin from UV-rays. In particular, red peppers contain vitamin C, anti-wrinkle skin. Red peppers can also help protect against radiation, protect the skin from aging properties. Because peppers contain vitamin so many good homes should all add peppers into meal to create a new skin cell reduces wrinkles.

9. Broccoli: The protein in zeaxanthin may help prevent aging properties and protects the skin from irritation heat even skin cancer .

10. Siberia blue: blue Siberia was considered a type of fruit is effective against skin wrinkles and can reduce cell damage. Blue Siberia, too, can also help neutralize the conflict with radiation and protects the skin cells.