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Things you should not do while eating

Things you should not do while eating

You become ever heard already about what should not be done and should be done before or after eating. But you must also know a few things not to do while not eat in order to ensure their health.

1. drinking water
Although the drink before eating can help you eat fewer foods a chance to weight loss Yes. But medical history does not encourage you to drink water during meals, especially alcohol. According to the nutrition experts of India Dr., Shonali Sabherwal suggests that drinking water during intake food and interfere with the production of the digestive system. For this reason, insulin levels stable, the fast hold of the body that makes you face With more and more overweight. In addition to the other when the water can affect the metabolism and the mystery of the digestive function of the stomach pump. The best factor that you should drink water before eating or after eating foods better.

2. speech
During the meal, you should not say much, because it has the following problems:
- Can make swallowing can cause choking or obstruct the airways can cause fatalities .
- When eating can make international food sprays out of the mouth or sprays into other dishes. In addition, it can also facilitate bacteria into the mouth along to the detriment body. So when eating foods you should avoid these factors to health.

3. Eating too fast
Eating too fast and make the impossibilities along with as much as a sore stomach digest food, fatigue, nervousness, difficulty sleeping. Food must pass an oral chew mixed with enzymes in saliva can be easy the dissolution. If you eat too fast food is not destroyed, it increases the burden on the stomach. In addition, for a number of foods that contain fat, it's getting harder to affect the digestive and nutrients causing waste of food that the stomach pain. To keep the body properly digest the food you should eat slowly, chew carefully. This can be fun and the food tastes better.