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The best foods that woman in childbirth should be

The best foods that woman in childbirth should be Not only when pregnant, but health care is very important for women. But after giving birt...

The best foods that woman in childbirth should be

Not only when pregnant, but health care is very important for women. But after giving birth, your body also needs time to cure. You need to spend at least 4 to 6 weeks, so-called after the birth. During the birth, women often have difficulty in body and mind. Parents should get the nutrients necessary enough to avoid all these problems after birth . The mother should eat a diet rich in nutrients, easy to digest food, to avoid spicy foods, such as chili, pepper and alcohol that impact breast milk. Restrictions on cooling, seafood such as fish, in the past 6 weeks after birth. Fasting is always the different reduction of diet, a lack of nutrients, affect the quantity and quality of milk. A diet rich in nutrients can help her heal faster. When breastfeeding mothers need extra nutrients 1 500 calories per day, in particular, should take as many crackers. Food ingredients should be enough: all sorts of cereals, foods that are high protein, fat, vitamin A, calcium potassium and b elements employer. To have enough breast milk mothers should drink 3 liters of water, oil, snails, orange juice, milk every day .... Diet can be divided into 3-4 in 1 day. Eating papaya or Potato soup with rib helps the rich milk. Most women always have symptoms, constipation after childbirth. Frequent constipation may be serious consequences: disease hemorrhoids, uterus ... the best way to avoid from constipation symptoms, women must eat enough green vegetables, drink enough. After meals, parents should eat fresh fruits, is divided eat 3 to 4 times in 1 day My body is fresh, easy to digest. Iron is an essential element in the production of blood, deliver nutrients and oxygen to the combustion energy for the body. Iron deficiency after childbirth can cause: dizziness, frequent forgetfulness, affecting children's wisdom through the mother's milk. Women after childbirth and iron are necessary to have in the diet, regular drinking iron. Foods contain iron, such as vegetables, fruits, egg yolks, lean meat, fish, vegetables, beef ... if not settled the amount of iron in the diet, parents can use medicines that contain iron. Eating more fruits, vitamin C enhances iron. Protein helps build muscle, increase defense against infection after childbirth, was full of energy. These foods are rich in protein include meat, milk products, poultry, beans, eggs, peanuts, fish, seafood, avocado.

Nutrients in milk and balance of nutrients enough for pregnant women, as well as a source of protein. More milk can provide the necessary energy, high protein, iron, calcium, vitamin and mineral needs help parents who do not have enough rest at night.