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Skin care less to avoid acne

Skin care less to avoid acne

Everyone wanted a fresh face who phosphate supply, especially for ladies only once, but if you do not take care to preserve the well, then your skin will lose its attraction entirely. Thus, to get a fresh skin without acne on his face, you should clean and follow factor The following number.

Ass clean skin every day
Bacteria, dust that is on your skin is the main reason that leads to acne. Especially in the summer once our skin not only not only been affected by the bacteria, pollution of the environment, but often it is also faced with the sweat much too often this can also pore will easily cause HIV infection, as well as cause acne. Therefore, to prevent (before), you should pay attention to cleaning your face pretty especially after playing sports or running throughout the day.

Wash the skin to correct
When you wash your skin you should wash your hands first. Otherwise, you should choose products that are suitable to your skin condition, we should wash it 2 times If you want to wash it more than this, you can wash it with plain water. In during cleaning, you should use your hands, rub clean soft massage to fossil knows into cleaning good bacteria. Hill Moreover, Wash Pearl closely to avoid a loss of natural moisture from Turkey protecting the skin.

Zinc supplementation
The lack of nutrients zinc is a direct hit to the full fat activity released fat Besides being less than before. therefore, zinc supplementation is enough series for the body as well as the defense. you should increase food that contains plenty of zinc, such as eggs, fish, crab, oyster marine medicine, Russell in your daily food but you should not eat it too much because it can also cause acne. These nutritious foods rich in zinc, so it can help fight the virus that causes acne.

Under increasing pressure from the job as well as the learning and the lack of sleep on a regular basis, there will be tensions can cause acne also the main reason that causes acne is still not enough sleep causes dehydration skin activates fat below the skin glands to release the fat comes out of date. So you should rest more, especially after a break from work or study fatigue.