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Antibiotic-eat breakfast to get toned

Antibiotic-eat breakfast to get toned

Breakfast is the most important meal every day, especially for those who want to lose weight to shape. Pop not only eating breakfast helps your digestive system works well and destroy more fat calories one day. Therefore, to promote the consumption of breakfast to be more effective, you should follow certain principles as follows:

1. After eating takes 1 hour
People who eat breakfast regularly are less at risk of being overweight, but also depending on brewing time. Hence, you should eat breakfast an hour after waking from sleep habits because it can maintain and increase metabolism.

2. Eating foods rich in protein and sugar
The cake is the best food for lunch, but you can not eat breakfast daily. You should choose foods with high levels of protein, such as eggs, milk, sugar and grain. These levels low in calories but high-energy offers a lot of benefits for those who want to shed weight and maintain good health.

3. At least, diets containing fiber 8 under
Eating foods rich in fiber at least 8 in the morning can make better weight loss, according to expert interpretation breakfast.
Dietary fiber in fresh fruit and cereal, so you can also eat fruit juices 11.7 below can also provide fiber to your body.

4. Do not add too many calories to the body

Depending on weight and eating breakfast, which left a lot of calories your body knows. So you should only eat 300 to 500 calories in the morning would be better. Foods such as yogurt, fresh fruit, bread is the best choice for breakfast, you want to lose weight.