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The benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning

The benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning

Instead of coffee or drinks in the morning, you should drink orange cat to get a lot of benefits to health. There are very many people who like to drink hot coffee in the morning, but experts recommend trying to drink water a glass of lemon in the morning can boost the immune system, digestive system and helps the skin beautiful.

Strengthening the immune system immediately
Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, enhance immune function, reduce the risk of respiratory infections. Ascorbic acid vitamin C in the lemon juice can be anti-inflammatory and to treat asthma or other respiratory symptoms. Orange juice also has healing properties flu and colds, especially ascorbic acid also helps the body absorb steel and components for the defense of the body.

Contain alkaline
Although lemon tastes sour, but, in fact, it's one of the food items alkalines your body needs. In the water, citric acid, ascorbic acid, which makes the body easily absorb bio minerals.

Support the digestive system
Lemon is used for cleaning and stimulate liver function. Lemon juice is known as a support in digestion. The vitamin C contained in lemon juice can also reduce the risk of stomach ulcers.

Beautiful skin
Vitamin C and antioxidants in the lemon help fight and ultraviolet ultraviolet radiation or environmental toxins. The number of antioxidants that are found in lemon can help reduce wrinkles. In addition to lemon juice can help promote liver function and helps to clear toxins in the blood, making the skin smooth.

Wounds heal quickly
Ascorbic acid is known as vitamin C helps heal wounds. This item is also an important nutrient for maintaining bone tissue and cartilage healthy.

Power supply,
To eat a cup of lemon juice in the morning can help the body energy and reduce depression. Even the aroma of lemon is also considered effective silence on the nervous system.