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Four benefits of peanuts you unexpectedly

Four benefits of peanuts you unexpectedly

Peanuts are a type of plants but to use in food. There were only peanuts tastes delicious, but they were not yet aware of the great benefits for health, which will assume not yet.

Against cancer and osteoporosis
In the Peanuts contain phytosterols, which work against the blood vessels in the heart, with the interference of cholesterol. Especially against cancer by reducing the development of the muscles that cause cancer.

Lose weight and aid blood processing
Many people believe that Abraham in peanuts, high-fat, however, experts believe that the peanut is the nutrition that can help control weight and prevention obesity effectively. With Folic acid has a lot of fat, which can help reduce cholesterol in the blood will clear waste contained in intestine that causes obesity. Peanuts about 30 grams can provide manganese, 35 percent of which is necessary for the body. Manganese plays an important role in the metabolism of fat and sugar.

Good for the heart and memory
Did you know that one of the country's relationship with the heart? Because vitamin B3 and niacin can bring benefits a lot to the brain. Some studies have shown that peanuts and other products made from peanuts may help prevent heart disease and protect artery in the heart. Especially for women with postmenopausal edible peanuts are often able to reduce the risk of heart disease. So eat peanuts, at least, four times a week can reduce the risk of heart disease and coronary artery .

Preventing kidney anti-aging, low cholesterol
The researchers found that those who ate peanuts least 58 grams every week can reduce the risk of kidney stones by 25 percent. Moreover, niacin in peanuts can help reduce and control the levels of cholesterol in the blood even more.