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9 The fact that you should not breastfeed

9 The fact that you should not breastfeed

Mothers' milk is a source of good nutrition for children's growth, but in some cases, you should not breastfeed Removing the child because it can support hair health threat to babies.

Mothers taking
When parents have symptoms such as fever or flu is the use of medications to treat, but you should not breastfeed.

Parents have pulmonary tuberculosis
Especially during the development of the disease, you should not keep mum or breastfeeding mothers. If not, avoid these two factors, it can affect the health of children.

Mother had heart disease or diabetes
When parents have heart, kidney, diabetes, need to see a doctor make a diagnosis and get advice on whether to breast-feeding How? Usually, mothers should not breast-feeding, should find other ways to improve breastfeeding.

Mother with epilepsy
When breastfeeding during illness seizures can be very dangerous. In addition to the mother's milk contains elements such as Luminal, Valium, sodium Phenytoin ... towing a positive reaction children.

Mother with hepatitis
This disease can infect children through breastfeeding. Therefore, every mother should stop breastfeeding mothers at this time to avoid hurting children.

Mothers with HIV
The National Commission on AIDS and the prevention of drug abuse, prostitution recommends that breastfeeding should not use methods for nurturing children. According to the expert, adding that besides raising children with milk every woman can raise children with milk, fruit juice , baby powder or porridge. Breast-milk substitute measures are completely effective in tackling the risk of HIV infection from mother to child .

Mothers with breast lesions
A mother who have symptoms of breast inflammation that had beaten breast nipple they should stop breastfeeding.

Exposure to chemicals or pesticide No.
The effects of chemical substances can make mother's milk contains toxic substances and can cause problems for children when feeding. The best factor you should not do, what to wear with a poison and to stay away from environments that have suffered pollution.

Fitness room
During the movement, your body produces acid lactic and makes you less appetite. According to tests in a general regime of moderate exercise, the body still produces water. So before you, breast-feeding mothers is scheduled exercise and enough rest first.