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Bad habits in cooking could threaten your health

Bad habits in cooking could threaten your health

Food safety is one thing that is very important because it is related to the health of your whole family . Neglect without making sanitation and kitchen equipment properly can affect health seriously .

not wash
Hand washing is a very important principle when you start to make food. The lazy or forget to wash your hands when entering the kitchen will make an impact on the health of the entire family if you dirty hand to affect other devices. This is the factor that makes the cross into the food and makes an impact on health when you eat. And so you should wash their hands with soap before hand to touch meat or vegetables when .

Shirts Cooking for dirt
Perhaps there are too many people who do not pay attention to the shirt worn in the kitchen. Wearing clothes that are not clean dust or bacteria into the food in that it can cause to become Other symptoms. This is another reason that affects your health.

Wash did not fall or knife
Usually, we always fall habits or knife, not cleaned beforehand. This is entirely due to the contamination of bacteria, fungi ... especially when wet weather. Therefore, to ensure the safety you need to clean the equipment in the kitchen to be clean before use.

Raw and cooked foods separate
When you use the scoop mixed it will make next to infected raw food into cooked food. Doing so would make your stomach diarrhea ... then the other can cause serious diseases of the stomach burns or bowel.