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7 kinds of delicious food, but are harmful to health

7 kinds of delicious food, but are harmful to health

Although some food delicious as well but it can make a serious impact on health if you do not pay attention to it. Below are some foods that affect your health.

1. Raisins
This is a type of food received a lot of interest from people. Although in this type acid salt, which can cause cancer. Moreover, this kind of food was to be soaked in water or sugar syrup that sweetened the blood sugar There is growing rapidly.

2. Cream or milk
You all always liked eating dairy cream after dinner. However, this kind of food can cause obesity appetite is decreased towing inflammatory bowel stomach if you eat too much.

3. Grill
This dish is the most popular, but it can cause cancer, along chemical pastry from operations during the roast. So should people with this dish in moderation.

4. pasta
This is a dish called Pasta is a national species-rich salt, fat, vitamins, and minerals, some too. Too much salt can cause kidney failure and high blood pressure as eating a high-fat can cause heart disease. Once again, the wheat was also found that the impact on the liver and other organs in the body.

5. In animals
For Protestants and vitamins, minerals as well but a lot of fat and cholesterol The main reason that causes heart disease. Eating too much can lead to disease, colon cancer and breast cancer.

6. mhoubkambong
Meat or vegetables preserved in cans usually lost nutrition, particularly some vitamins. Not only this kind of food has been found to be difficult to digest and difficult to absorb the useful than fresh food. In addition, it can lead to a toxic virus that makes the risk of cancer and serious muscle. People who frequently eat food category could be the evolution of the stomach and bowel disease further.

7. Fast food cooked
Taken to foods like fried chicken, potatoes donuts ... were fed frequently. But you need to know that this type of food, the amount of fat and calories that can tow or bad fat to coronary artery disease palm. Research has shown that people who regularly ate fried food can have the highest risk of cancer.