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The secret that makes lips ladies beauty

The secret that makes lips ladies beauty Women also want lips that are beautiful not imagine leading education valves or infection. Sexy lip...

The secret that makes lips ladies beauty

Women also want lips that are beautiful not imagine leading education valves or infection. Sexy lips, not based paint products to red lips, you need to know how to decorate the lip appropriate to be better.

Keep lips clean
Lips have no sebaceous glands under the skin so that it is easy to dry and prone to cracked lips so be painted waxing more frequently to the lips moist. Some people are sensitive lips met with the accident when climate change becomes a cold sore lip enlargement or may cracked and bleeding. To treat this situation first, you should drink enough water to eat good food for healthy skin, such as soybeans lotus dried grapes, strawberries, sugar, fruit such as citrus fruit, pineapple, jackfruit, papaya fruit ... these can help keep your skin clean and vitamin is given to the body and is necessary to help lips.

Beautiful lips, the perfect is the dream of every lady
You should use sunscreen to moist lips moving and protect the impact from the outside. You should choose a sunscreen to make lips moist with a high quality, avoid using products that contain perfume odor because it contains unnecessary chemicals. If you go outside, you should opt for lip cream solar defend and protect lips from the elements radiation. Of course, you need to avoid a lick lips drinking coffee because it can cause dry skin and solid easily shook blood. Should you have a habit of biting their lips because it can help the effects of the environment can affect the teeth if you bite lips many times per year for a long time. If possible, you should apply a little honey every evening for 20 minutes to help keep lips soft.

Makeup lips are sexy
First, you should not apply a thin powder layer on the lips before putting the cream colored ribbon on the mouth. This will help the cream color on the lips quickly. If you prefer to put the cream on the edge, you should use sunscreen lip color to make lips look beautiful. If you are too thin lips, use lip gloss from the edge thin lips and colored cream black bright avoids creams colorfully. Smooth thin lips should use lip gloss to full. If you have too thick lip after lip and a pair of lips on the edge of the lip to help look small. Then use a brush to smooth the cream. The latter used a tissue to wipe lip on the edge of a runny cream.

Exercise on the lips
Want to make the lips sexier, but you also need to exercise regularly to fit mouth lips beauty. Near the entrance to breathe deeply and swollen mouth breathing slowly, do this 20 times.