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Want younger charging a 10 scholarship category

Want younger charging a 10 scholarship category

No way that could centralize the elderly, but there is a way to help delay the aging. Perhaps there are some fans are looking for every way to delay aging, such as spa and school from preservation Samosas, and see. But did you know that all is not as important as what you eat every day, S important that you eat is a great herb to protect aging properties? The top 10 food categories that provide great benefits. You should eat all this every day.

1. vegetable
Green vegetables contain calcium and nutrients that can help the health of bones can not only against the mentally ill these help to have a particularly good memory to help prevent eye problems. Diet containing enough vegetables: zeaxanthin and cabbage ... help reduce behavior cancer and aging.

2. Cereals
The cereals are rich in fiber, vitamins, and contains elements against cardiovascular disease and heart cancer. Grains also help prevent blood sugar and diabetes.

3. fish
Fish oil provides 3 fatty acids help fight inflammation in the body. People who eat fish every week can help reduce the risk of disease and blood vessel brain.

4. small fruits
Blackberries, red berries ... can help reduce cancer and can also help increase the capacity of the brain, muscle and protect aging of the body.

5. Olive oil
Olive oil helps reduce heart disease, cancer and mental disorders.

6. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are red fruits that can help skin look younger. Tomatoes can also help reduce cancer (particularly prostate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer) and heart disease.

7. Peanuts
Peanuts contain a lot of fat, rich in vitamins and protein. Peanuts are considered a type of food that benefit the health of the blood vessels, heart and brain. More than this, it can also help reduce inflammation in the body.

8. Broth
Grapes may help fight inflammation in the body and can slow down aging. This is why red wine and wine can contribute to heart health too.

9. Only
Type (white and green) can help reduce heart disease, cancer, and psychiatric disease.

10. Spice spicy
Such as ginger contains anti-inflammatory substances in the body help reduce dementia. Leeks and garlic can help prevent cancer, heart disease and help lower blood sugar.