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6 Kinds of Foods help to quit smoking

6 kinds of help to quit smoking


Food plays an important role helping smokers could reduce the appetite of the brush and make healthy. The meals are properly coupled with the implementation of a number of principles can rabbis cigarette. Let's look at some foods that help reduce the urge of smoking.
Avoid eating beef, sugar, coffee and alcohol
There are many activities that will make you have a strong urge to smoke a cigarette. Meanwhile, the consumption of beef could increase the taste of tobacco. The impact to the brain due to the consumption of coffee and alcohol that makes your enthusiastic smokers.
You should eat apples, about 2 to 3 a day. Apples contain protein helps reduce the level of toxins in the blood. The case is the best diet mixed with apple juice helps eliminate toxins from tobacco in the blood . Apples, crackers and sweet can help smokers bitter mouth when to quit smoking.
Home cinnamon
There are many ways you can use cinnamon as an aid to help stop you from smoking. How easily is just beginning to absorb the smell of it when you smoke drifts . Then the smell of cinnamon will increase brain activity helps reduce tension and eliminate memory which signals from can stop smoking.
Cinnamon can provide many benefits to parts of the human body as well as the abdomen and blood in almost all .

Ginger and Garlic
In other words, natural ginger, spicy flavors can make you sweat and release toxins. The garlic can help relax blood pressure to stabilize when you stop smoking.
Milk and dairy products
How can you imagine that after you drink a glass of milk, you'll feel unwanted smoking? Your cigarette is delicious because the milk will make your cigarettes become staples bitter.
Carrots, parsley polish cucumbers are the foods that have the ability to control appetite smoking. These vegetables can make cigarettes have turned into a bad smell and reduces appetite Nicole.
The idea is not content with just taking your tongue lick salt appetite, it will stop smoking immediately.

Before treatment back

Before treatment back

Women who have beautiful skin back may also reflect the charm of Samoa's and confident when wearing fields back. However, if women and black leather back can make them feel no confidence when you wear clothes back or clothing married. Theme houses rich in oil and sweat more than any other place all over the body and is difficult to use foam to wash back. Once before the colt was not cleaned well, it can cause inflammation or irritation. When we do not timely treatment, the virus will cause disease epidemics Dermatology and can not eliminate spots black.

Factors that cause acne back include heredity, hormones, body, tension and especially the care of not only . Acne is caused by clogged pores, fat, dirt and dead skin. You should clean the sweat off your back immediately after exercise or play sports. In addition, you should also wash bath houses in the proper 2 times in 1 day using products get rid of damaged skin to help cut slicks help keep skin smooth and fine.

If there are multiple conditions and want to get results quickly cures in skin care centers. But if you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can also massage performed by washing with salt 2 times in 1 month. Then you need to check with prostate screening tools and treatment of back fat by using her crowd, with ingredients such as retail, flowers, vitamins , minerals and other substances. The process to do this to get rid of dead skin cells, making the capacity of fat in the body is destroyed and prevent bacteria sneak into the skin. Eventually, you will be treated with blue light to kill bacteria and toxic substances quickly. Blue light can help the body get rid of toxins against skin diseases.

The best foods that woman in childbirth should be

The best foods that woman in childbirth should be

Not only when pregnant, but health care is very important for women. But after giving birth, your body also needs time to cure. You need to spend at least 4 to 6 weeks, so-called after the birth. During the birth, women often have difficulty in body and mind. Parents should get the nutrients necessary enough to avoid all these problems after birth . The mother should eat a diet rich in nutrients, easy to digest food, to avoid spicy foods, such as chili, pepper and alcohol that impact breast milk. Restrictions on cooling, seafood such as fish, in the past 6 weeks after birth. Fasting is always the different reduction of diet, a lack of nutrients, affect the quantity and quality of milk. A diet rich in nutrients can help her heal faster. When breastfeeding mothers need extra nutrients 1 500 calories per day, in particular, should take as many crackers. Food ingredients should be enough: all sorts of cereals, foods that are high protein, fat, vitamin A, calcium potassium and b elements employer. To have enough breast milk mothers should drink 3 liters of water, oil, snails, orange juice, milk every day .... Diet can be divided into 3-4 in 1 day. Eating papaya or Potato soup with rib helps the rich milk. Most women always have symptoms, constipation after childbirth. Frequent constipation may be serious consequences: disease hemorrhoids, uterus ... the best way to avoid from constipation symptoms, women must eat enough green vegetables, drink enough. After meals, parents should eat fresh fruits, is divided eat 3 to 4 times in 1 day My body is fresh, easy to digest. Iron is an essential element in the production of blood, deliver nutrients and oxygen to the combustion energy for the body. Iron deficiency after childbirth can cause: dizziness, frequent forgetfulness, affecting children's wisdom through the mother's milk. Women after childbirth and iron are necessary to have in the diet, regular drinking iron. Foods contain iron, such as vegetables, fruits, egg yolks, lean meat, fish, vegetables, beef ... if not settled the amount of iron in the diet, parents can use medicines that contain iron. Eating more fruits, vitamin C enhances iron. Protein helps build muscle, increase defense against infection after childbirth, was full of energy. These foods are rich in protein include meat, milk products, poultry, beans, eggs, peanuts, fish, seafood, avocado.

Nutrients in milk and balance of nutrients enough for pregnant women, as well as a source of protein. More milk can provide the necessary energy, high protein, iron, calcium, vitamin and mineral needs help parents who do not have enough rest at night.

Things you should not do while eating

Things you should not do while eating

You become ever heard already about what should not be done and should be done before or after eating. But you must also know a few things not to do while not eat in order to ensure their health.

1. drinking water
Although the drink before eating can help you eat fewer foods a chance to weight loss Yes. But medical history does not encourage you to drink water during meals, especially alcohol. According to the nutrition experts of India Dr., Shonali Sabherwal suggests that drinking water during intake food and interfere with the production of the digestive system. For this reason, insulin levels stable, the fast hold of the body that makes you face With more and more overweight. In addition to the other when the water can affect the metabolism and the mystery of the digestive function of the stomach pump. The best factor that you should drink water before eating or after eating foods better.

2. speech
During the meal, you should not say much, because it has the following problems:
- Can make swallowing can cause choking or obstruct the airways can cause fatalities .
- When eating can make international food sprays out of the mouth or sprays into other dishes. In addition, it can also facilitate bacteria into the mouth along to the detriment body. So when eating foods you should avoid these factors to health.

3. Eating too fast
Eating too fast and make the impossibilities along with as much as a sore stomach digest food, fatigue, nervousness, difficulty sleeping. Food must pass an oral chew mixed with enzymes in saliva can be easy the dissolution. If you eat too fast food is not destroyed, it increases the burden on the stomach. In addition, for a number of foods that contain fat, it's getting harder to affect the digestive and nutrients causing waste of food that the stomach pain. To keep the body properly digest the food you should eat slowly, chew carefully. This can be fun and the food tastes better.

10 test this type can help to relieve concerns of a woman's skin wrinkles

10 test this type can help to relieve concerns of a woman's skin wrinkles

Skin wrinkles along the external environment combined with a daily diet do not have enough life support just make skin cells can not grow in time. This is the biggest enemy, which makes women's skin losing its beauty. And so every woman should be easy to eat some food because it can provide sufficient nutrients can help eliminate saggy skin wrinkles. Below are 10 types of biological enough to reduce wrinkles and make skin fresh natural:

1. Tuber Carrots: Carrots tubers are rich in fiber and contain pigments which can increase the production of collagen Sen (protein associated tissue in the body and makes the skin soft).

2. Eggs: Eggs not only provide nutrients to the skin but also helps prevent heart disease.

3. Garlic: Garlic is effective against bacteria, persecuted on the body. Garlic can protect the skin against factors such as tension, oxygen ....

4. Salmon: If you include salmon in the daily diet can help your skin, your skin only healthy but also reduces wrinkles. Salmon contain protein and 3 fatty acids, nutrients help protect skin effectively aging properties.

5. Nuts: cashew If you eat regularly, it can help older skin cells factor is important is removing the old. Cashew nuts also contain vitamin E, which can help prevent aging properties and prevent skin damage.

6. Mustard: mustard contains nutrients that can help prevent wrinkles and protect skin from the sun.

7. Chocolate: Experts say: eat chocolate or chocolate painted on the skin regularly can help eliminate wrinkles on the skin. However, there is still controversy over the use of chocolate personally think that eating chocolate, the better Eating chocolate every day, is it really good for your skin. Eating chocolate can often help keep skin smooth and fine, old cells, helps protect the skin from light Purple rays ultrasound and the skin bright white.

8. Peppers: peppers contain vitamin A and vitamin E, nutrients to the skin and protect skin from UV-rays. In particular, red peppers contain vitamin C, anti-wrinkle skin. Red peppers can also help protect against radiation, protect the skin from aging properties. Because peppers contain vitamin so many good homes should all add peppers into meal to create a new skin cell reduces wrinkles.

9. Broccoli: The protein in zeaxanthin may help prevent aging properties and protects the skin from irritation heat even skin cancer .

10. Siberia blue: blue Siberia was considered a type of fruit is effective against skin wrinkles and can reduce cell damage. Blue Siberia, too, can also help neutralize the conflict with radiation and protects the skin cells.

Skin care less to avoid acne

Skin care less to avoid acne

Everyone wanted a fresh face who phosphate supply, especially for ladies only once, but if you do not take care to preserve the well, then your skin will lose its attraction entirely. Thus, to get a fresh skin without acne on his face, you should clean and follow factor The following number.

Ass clean skin every day
Bacteria, dust that is on your skin is the main reason that leads to acne. Especially in the summer once our skin not only not only been affected by the bacteria, pollution of the environment, but often it is also faced with the sweat much too often this can also pore will easily cause HIV infection, as well as cause acne. Therefore, to prevent (before), you should pay attention to cleaning your face pretty especially after playing sports or running throughout the day.

Wash the skin to correct
When you wash your skin you should wash your hands first. Otherwise, you should choose products that are suitable to your skin condition, we should wash it 2 times If you want to wash it more than this, you can wash it with plain water. In during cleaning, you should use your hands, rub clean soft massage to fossil knows into cleaning good bacteria. Hill Moreover, Wash Pearl closely to avoid a loss of natural moisture from Turkey protecting the skin.

Zinc supplementation
The lack of nutrients zinc is a direct hit to the full fat activity released fat Besides being less than before. therefore, zinc supplementation is enough series for the body as well as the defense. you should increase food that contains plenty of zinc, such as eggs, fish, crab, oyster marine medicine, Russell in your daily food but you should not eat it too much because it can also cause acne. These nutritious foods rich in zinc, so it can help fight the virus that causes acne.

Under increasing pressure from the job as well as the learning and the lack of sleep on a regular basis, there will be tensions can cause acne also the main reason that causes acne is still not enough sleep causes dehydration skin activates fat below the skin glands to release the fat comes out of date. So you should rest more, especially after a break from work or study fatigue.

Antibiotic-eat breakfast to get toned

Antibiotic-eat breakfast to get toned

Breakfast is the most important meal every day, especially for those who want to lose weight to shape. Pop not only eating breakfast helps your digestive system works well and destroy more fat calories one day. Therefore, to promote the consumption of breakfast to be more effective, you should follow certain principles as follows:

1. After eating takes 1 hour
People who eat breakfast regularly are less at risk of being overweight, but also depending on brewing time. Hence, you should eat breakfast an hour after waking from sleep habits because it can maintain and increase metabolism.

2. Eating foods rich in protein and sugar
The cake is the best food for lunch, but you can not eat breakfast daily. You should choose foods with high levels of protein, such as eggs, milk, sugar and grain. These levels low in calories but high-energy offers a lot of benefits for those who want to shed weight and maintain good health.

3. At least, diets containing fiber 8 under
Eating foods rich in fiber at least 8 in the morning can make better weight loss, according to expert interpretation breakfast.
Dietary fiber in fresh fruit and cereal, so you can also eat fruit juices 11.7 below can also provide fiber to your body.

4. Do not add too many calories to the body

Depending on weight and eating breakfast, which left a lot of calories your body knows. So you should only eat 300 to 500 calories in the morning would be better. Foods such as yogurt, fresh fruit, bread is the best choice for breakfast, you want to lose weight.