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9 The fact that you should not breastfeed

9 The fact that you should not breastfeed

Mothers' milk is a source of good nutrition for children's growth, but in some cases, you should not breastfeed Removing the child because it can support hair health threat to babies.

Mothers taking
When parents have symptoms such as fever or flu is the use of medications to treat, but you should not breastfeed.

Parents have pulmonary tuberculosis
Especially during the development of the disease, you should not keep mum or breastfeeding mothers. If not, avoid these two factors, it can affect the health of children.

Mother had heart disease or diabetes
When parents have heart, kidney, diabetes, need to see a doctor make a diagnosis and get advice on whether to breast-feeding How? Usually, mothers should not breast-feeding, should find other ways to improve breastfeeding.

Mother with epilepsy
When breastfeeding during illness seizures can be very dangerous. In addition to the mother's milk contains elements such as Luminal, Valium, sodium Phenytoin ... towing a positive reaction children.

Mother with hepatitis
This disease can infect children through breastfeeding. Therefore, every mother should stop breastfeeding mothers at this time to avoid hurting children.

Mothers with HIV
The National Commission on AIDS and the prevention of drug abuse, prostitution recommends that breastfeeding should not use methods for nurturing children. According to the expert, adding that besides raising children with milk every woman can raise children with milk, fruit juice , baby powder or porridge. Breast-milk substitute measures are completely effective in tackling the risk of HIV infection from mother to child .

Mothers with breast lesions
A mother who have symptoms of breast inflammation that had beaten breast nipple they should stop breastfeeding.

Exposure to chemicals or pesticide No.
The effects of chemical substances can make mother's milk contains toxic substances and can cause problems for children when feeding. The best factor you should not do, what to wear with a poison and to stay away from environments that have suffered pollution.

Fitness room
During the movement, your body produces acid lactic and makes you less appetite. According to tests in a general regime of moderate exercise, the body still produces water. So before you, breast-feeding mothers is scheduled exercise and enough rest first.

The benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning

The benefits of drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning

Instead of coffee or drinks in the morning, you should drink orange cat to get a lot of benefits to health. There are very many people who like to drink hot coffee in the morning, but experts recommend trying to drink water a glass of lemon in the morning can boost the immune system, digestive system and helps the skin beautiful.

Strengthening the immune system immediately
Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, enhance immune function, reduce the risk of respiratory infections. Ascorbic acid vitamin C in the lemon juice can be anti-inflammatory and to treat asthma or other respiratory symptoms. Orange juice also has healing properties flu and colds, especially ascorbic acid also helps the body absorb steel and components for the defense of the body.

Contain alkaline
Although lemon tastes sour, but, in fact, it's one of the food items alkalines your body needs. In the water, citric acid, ascorbic acid, which makes the body easily absorb bio minerals.

Support the digestive system
Lemon is used for cleaning and stimulate liver function. Lemon juice is known as a support in digestion. The vitamin C contained in lemon juice can also reduce the risk of stomach ulcers.

Beautiful skin
Vitamin C and antioxidants in the lemon help fight and ultraviolet ultraviolet radiation or environmental toxins. The number of antioxidants that are found in lemon can help reduce wrinkles. In addition to lemon juice can help promote liver function and helps to clear toxins in the blood, making the skin smooth.

Wounds heal quickly
Ascorbic acid is known as vitamin C helps heal wounds. This item is also an important nutrient for maintaining bone tissue and cartilage healthy.

Power supply,
To eat a cup of lemon juice in the morning can help the body energy and reduce depression. Even the aroma of lemon is also considered effective silence on the nervous system.

Four benefits of peanuts you unexpectedly

Four benefits of peanuts you unexpectedly

Peanuts are a type of plants but to use in food. There were only peanuts tastes delicious, but they were not yet aware of the great benefits for health, which will assume not yet.

Against cancer and osteoporosis
In the Peanuts contain phytosterols, which work against the blood vessels in the heart, with the interference of cholesterol. Especially against cancer by reducing the development of the muscles that cause cancer.

Lose weight and aid blood processing
Many people believe that Abraham in peanuts, high-fat, however, experts believe that the peanut is the nutrition that can help control weight and prevention obesity effectively. With Folic acid has a lot of fat, which can help reduce cholesterol in the blood will clear waste contained in intestine that causes obesity. Peanuts about 30 grams can provide manganese, 35 percent of which is necessary for the body. Manganese plays an important role in the metabolism of fat and sugar.

Good for the heart and memory
Did you know that one of the country's relationship with the heart? Because vitamin B3 and niacin can bring benefits a lot to the brain. Some studies have shown that peanuts and other products made from peanuts may help prevent heart disease and protect artery in the heart. Especially for women with postmenopausal edible peanuts are often able to reduce the risk of heart disease. So eat peanuts, at least, four times a week can reduce the risk of heart disease and coronary artery .

Preventing kidney anti-aging, low cholesterol
The researchers found that those who ate peanuts least 58 grams every week can reduce the risk of kidney stones by 25 percent. Moreover, niacin in peanuts can help reduce and control the levels of cholesterol in the blood even more.

How to prevent tooth decay?

How to prevent tooth decay?

The most effective method in the fight against tooth decay is to have a precise schedule in the dental hygiene to contribute these toothbrushes, silk yarn and to see a dentist regularly. Tooth decay can be towed by bacteria debris left over from the food that you have not cleaned well after eating. To fight tooth decay is self-hygiene and to see a doctor regularly.

Toothbrushes and silk fibers
- Eating food every day, always leaving the debris that turned into acid long if you let . to avoid such a condition, you need to clean teeth regularly after meals and before going to bed or wake from sleep . This can prevent an occurrence of the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

- Another important point is the dental hygiene using silk fiber after using toothbrushes. The use of silk fiber brush bacteria between teeth, brush teeth into cleaning. Many people often overlook silk yarn fibers after brushing teeth and this makes landfall no in between teeth development becomes acidic grease to destroy your teeth. So when you brush your teeth, then you need to use vessels more to ensure the safety of teeth.

- To help physicians oral method is the best one for you all. The visits to the doctor for a routine dental cleaning can make teeth healthy and can avoid tooth decay. Serving on the other it helps prevention, cavities and tooth ache more.
- Tooth decay is a problem generally, but this problem can be avoided easily if you apply toothpaste using both of the above to have regular dental cleaning including a doctor.

7 kinds of delicious food, but are harmful to health

7 kinds of delicious food, but are harmful to health

Although some food delicious as well but it can make a serious impact on health if you do not pay attention to it. Below are some foods that affect your health.

1. Raisins
This is a type of food received a lot of interest from people. Although in this type acid salt, which can cause cancer. Moreover, this kind of food was to be soaked in water or sugar syrup that sweetened the blood sugar There is growing rapidly.

2. Cream or milk
You all always liked eating dairy cream after dinner. However, this kind of food can cause obesity appetite is decreased towing inflammatory bowel stomach if you eat too much.

3. Grill
This dish is the most popular, but it can cause cancer, along chemical pastry from operations during the roast. So should people with this dish in moderation.

4. pasta
This is a dish called Pasta is a national species-rich salt, fat, vitamins, and minerals, some too. Too much salt can cause kidney failure and high blood pressure as eating a high-fat can cause heart disease. Once again, the wheat was also found that the impact on the liver and other organs in the body.

5. In animals
For Protestants and vitamins, minerals as well but a lot of fat and cholesterol The main reason that causes heart disease. Eating too much can lead to disease, colon cancer and breast cancer.

6. mhoubkambong
Meat or vegetables preserved in cans usually lost nutrition, particularly some vitamins. Not only this kind of food has been found to be difficult to digest and difficult to absorb the useful than fresh food. In addition, it can lead to a toxic virus that makes the risk of cancer and serious muscle. People who frequently eat food category could be the evolution of the stomach and bowel disease further.

7. Fast food cooked
Taken to foods like fried chicken, potatoes donuts ... were fed frequently. But you need to know that this type of food, the amount of fat and calories that can tow or bad fat to coronary artery disease palm. Research has shown that people who regularly ate fried food can have the highest risk of cancer.

Information should be aware of daily living with diabetes

Information should be aware of daily living with diabetes

A change in lifestyle can help people with diabetes healthy through exercise combined with diet for health benefits.

Daily exercise is an aid for people with diabetes
When people think about the exercise, they are always immediately imagine the image of meat big, scary and sweat when running in the gym. Fortunately, exercise to be healthy for people with diabetes is different than what we previously thought, and the results were surprising.

While living with diabetes means that exercises a delay in the into life with that person. People with diabetes should try to exercise at least 3 times in 1 week and takes 30 minutes 40 minutes. The same or similar exercise are not full meaning and  so power of force too. The walk is enough to raise the heart rate to improve health and solid coconut fiber lining and support for weight loss.

If a person wants to have apparently come out, they can be tested within 30 to 40 minutes, start by walking for 20 minutes and try to be regular. Another changing one's diet can also help improve the situation of physical illness diabetes and make enforcement easier.

Generation for those with diabetes
Diet is a major factor for diabetes patients to be healthy. For those with diabetes should aim to eliminate the existing food such as sweets, fried foods and other fatty foods from diets that used to eat regularly. Instead, eat foods that benefit health, diabetes patients should choose a diet like fruit, vegetable protein without the fat and grains because it is rich in fiber waste.

It's also important for diabetic patients to distinguish their food and the right time. For patients with diabetes may not be easy to live in. However, fasting and exercise plan that allows patients urine sweet and healthy management of their patients very effective efficiency.

Bronze simple method to keep weight on viable

Bronze simple method to keep weight on viable

The extreme weight loss can make you become emaciated Zhou nothing if you do not maintain your weight to endure, let alone the health drew beauty deteriorated, even fell down too. And so to avoid excessive weight too Follow some recommendations following:

Do towing to pay too much weight
Massive weight loss is a big mistake that makes you lose all things related to beauty . This is because they stopped the exercise and diet along with a message that no pet is why to lead to their weight, not regularly. Nature, which led to a threat to lose their weight back to where they started, there are weight suits and body.

Do not stop exercise
To ignore the exercise after weight loss is a serious mistake that most people make. It's very important for you to understand that exercise is an effective way unique to save weight and be healthy. Return to exercise again, you can do it easily with any weight loss than this .

Not be overlooked eat foods
Not eating is not helping you maintain weight loss not stop eating and starve yourself, make its fall metabolism in the body and eventually can cause difficulty in controlling weight loss . This factor, leading to a lack of nutrition because it really is a useful aid for organic farming to maintain weight.

From drinking enough
Please eat 8-ounce glasses of water or more per day, even though it's password after you shed excessive weight away. Not only makes you feel good, but it also makes poison lose and keep our body fluids. Hydration is very important for healthy skin and hair. And there is enough additional eating green vegetables, fruit juice, a well-balanced diet.

Please make changes to balance
Food lovers all always reserved for the message body explicitly limited. There are a variety of foods included in your diet is an absolute must to ensure that you get all nutrients important. Make sure your diet includes eating fruits, vegetables, grains and protein, no fat make your body healthy and weigh the best.

Parsley + lemon help you lose weight 5 pounds in 5 days

Parsley + lemon help you lose weight 5 pounds in 5 days

Of course, people who are suffering with the problem on their overall weight can easily become a victim of diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart attack patients. Most of us understand that the exercise or plan to follow a strict diet is the only way to get rid of excess calories those out of your body. But there are very few people were aware of this great health drink to get rid of excess fat from the body within 2 to 3 days effectively.

While there are health drinks to combat diseases such as beverages, red peppers highly effective to prevent all forms of bleeding and beverages to natural purification no kidney problems, health drinks not only helps to lose fat, but it also enhances the system a good adaptation needs. International news is that you can prepare a healthy drink by itself just takes only 5 minutes, it will help you lose weight 5 kg within 5 days .

The ingredients you need:
- Fresh lemon juice, 1 fruit
- Parsley 60 grams
- Water 300 ml

Wash parsley to put it into a blender, then add fresh lemon juice and water and roll it to the best powder in about 5 minutes, until the mixture thick green.

Eating fresh green mixture every morning before breakfast. You be sure to apply it to 5 days you will be able to lose weight 5 kg exactly. By instead beverage stocks, you need to prepare a mixture of fresh greens every day. After 5 days, you need to rest for 10 days, then start it again.

Parsley, improve digestion and processing of excess fluid from the body. And it is rich in vitamin C, iron and calcium, but highly effective in weight loss, it also helps you feel better and healthier after using it. Do not forget to share with your friends and family with this better health drinks.