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Orange juice is easy to find and can maintain facial care in three different ways

Orange juice is easy to find and can maintain facial care in three different ways

Orange Crop is an easy-growing crop for the climate of Cambodia, we are located in many different parts of the country, as well as abundant and easy to find. For this kind of fruit, besides having a good flavor, Omeam, plus health and beauty, rich in good nutrients, especially Vitamin C, it is also known to take care of facial skin like Each.

So, to learn how to use orange juice, how to use it, and what benefits you have! Come and keep track of all:

1. For facial cleansing
Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C which can soften skin's softness and eliminate dirt from the face.


- Rub the orange peel into 2 by removing one oranges gently gently on the face of the skin up the circle up and down, doing this for about 7 minutes to 8 minutes to wash out with regular water and rub The face is clean and the cloth is dry.

2. The orange juice
Summer will make your skin more troublesome, such as inflammation and blemishes, but Pursat may help you.


- Orange juice dried or grated as a powder mixed with a little turmeric powder and 2 tablespoons honey (Mixing ingredients for a reasonable amount)

- Stir together into a mixture and then put on the face for 5 minutes to clean it with clean water.

- You can apply this method 2 times a week for high results.

3. Removal of bruises and swollen eyes under the eyes
Pumpkin is very effective in getting rid of black bumps under the eyelid and swelling under the eyes.


- Combine half a teaspoon fresh pomegranate with 1 teaspoon spoon, 1 teaspoon of water and 1 teaspoon of vitamin E (available at supermarket), stir well

- Then put the mixture in the cooler place for about 3 to 4 minutes to remove the mixture or put it in the eye for 10 to 12 minutes.

- Finally, remove this mixture and wash it with clean water.

This very hot summer if the belly does not get dehydrated because of pregnancy!

This very hot summer if the belly does not get dehydrated because of pregnancy! Water is especially important, especially for girls who are pregnant, and this hot weather is even more important because during pregnancy the body is The more water is needed, the less likely it is that the water is lacking, and the odds are in the same condition. "Hello doctor" will detail what is causing the symptoms, and how to protect each other, we all know.

       1. How can you know that dehydration? 
 The main symptom is fever, because when fluid loss occurs, the body will not be able to adjust to the body temperature. Right. On the other hand, we can also examine our own urine to know if there is a lack of water and if the urine is reddish Drink plenty of water. Symptoms of dehydration commonly include:
            - Dry mouth
            - Thirsty, nervous Sleep
            - Less urine Headache
            - constipation - dizzy If severe dehydration is common, symptoms can include:
            - Remaining rest
            - wandering
            - Less urine or no urine
            - eye of the cave Rapid breathing
            - Rapid heart rate Low blood pressure

        2. The causes of dehydration Occurs 
when we drink normal water or other types of beverages less than the amount of body spent (emptied) means we are losing Water is in the body. While pregnant belly water is important, it is important to be involved in the formation of the placenta, which is a gateway from the mother to the baby. Surface and main causes include: Exercise too much
         - Diarrhea too strong
         - vomiting
         - fever - Strong sweat
         - Drinking insufficient water

          3. Dehydration affects the baby in the area?
 This can cause many complications for both our health including the baby in the womb can cause    problems such as: The abdominal spinal cord is abnormal
        - Twins less than usual
        - Early delivery
        - Fewer breasts
        - Disability from birth

       4-How to prevent pregnancy loss during pregnancy 
                 This is a girl we obviously does not know that to avoid losing water, drink lots of water, but What we should know more is to avoid caffeine drinks because it can make us more peptic ulcer, causing dehydration and Avoid exercising too much, moderate exercise for health Both Mom and Baby. When the sky is hot, it should not go out too much. Should drink water with you when you go out and drink enough water. One suggestion is that you should consume 12 glasses of water per day for good health. But if gastrointestinal bleeding occurs, you should not drink water while eating. However, eat plenty of water between meals to avoid discomfort in the abdomen. In case of losing nausea, talk to your GP about the problem.

Know the great benefits of peanut butter that everyone should know!

Know the great benefits of peanut butter that everyone should know!

Milk is most widely used in major regions of the world, and its popularity is also increasing steadily.

Why is there more and more people turning to milk?

Here are some great benefits of peanut butter that everyone should know:

          1) Easy to digest milk is rich in nutrition
Peanut butter contains some of the most important and important features: Its digestibility is high, easy and important nutrition and light flavor.

         2) Peanut butter is easy to digest
The milk contains only fat and protein components that make it easier to digest food. Small and fatty fatty acids, found in soybeans, small muscles are easy to disperse. In addition, the low levels of low-carbohydrate proteinase in whey helps to form a soft layer in the stomach and passes the digestive system more supple.

Milk contains essential nutrients, including vitamins A, D, B1, B2 and B12, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iodine), proteins and fatty acids. There is also a high nucleotide concentration that helps the immune system and cells grow. Due to the ease of digestion, the body effectively breaks down and absorbs these nutrients.

        3) Peanut butter has a sweet taste
One of the advantages of peanut butter is that it is tasty and light, unlike other types of milk. The best flavor of best quality Kabrita Milk Products is used.

That is why experts have taken the milk to produce Kabrita Milk, which is passed through several quality trials until it is recognized and respected:
- Global guidelines for formula formula in Codex
Milk protein is approved as a protein source for IF in Europe.
- Ausnutria WPC and Wheat Powder is widely recognized as safe by the US FDA.
- Kabrita Goat follows Kwaligeit (Qualigoat) standards including:
• Brewing and preserving the milk
• Hygiene
• Supervision of providing goat medicine
• Goat health maintenance
• High standard product standards
• Fodder and water quality give goats
- Has a complete and safe nutrition formula and Kabrita Milk Powder has a high-density β-palmitate (OPO), making babies less able to sleep better, better bone growth, good digestive system in the bowel, easy defecation Easy to absorb nutrients.
- DHA and AA (Omega 3 and 6) are added in the Kabrita formula to formulate a fatty acid form of breast milk. Helps to develop the natural brain and eyes
- GOS Fiber supports the digestive system to work well.

Kabrita Milk Powder contains many other nutrients that help babies grow. Currently, Kabrita sells over 30 countries worldwide, including the Netherlands, the United States, Britain, Brazil, Russia, China, Singapore ....

Very special! Adding 5 Peppermint Daily Diets This simple way helps to lose weight

Very special! Adding 5 Peppermint Daily Diets This simple way helps to lose weight

Pepper is a major spice in daily cooking and it also contains many vitamins, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and other essential minerals that not only help with health but also help. Metabolism The best digestibility in fat burning helps with weight loss.

So, to know how to eat pepper, how to be effective in losing weight! Come and follow these five simple ways:

      1. Fresh food
You can eat 1 or 2 freshly chopped peppers each morning by taking a single dose or chewing it if you can cope with its spicy flavor. This will make the digestive system even better.

      2. Pepper tea
Simply mixing pepper powder or a little pepper pepper in the juice you consume is also a great way to relieve weight loss.

       3. With pepper on fruits and lettuce
You can use pepper mixed with your sauce or a little pepper on your salad, vegetables and lettuce. This one not only improves the taste of the food you are eating, but it is also beneficial in weight loss.

      4. Pepper in all kinds of beverages
You can mix a little pepper in special beverages, health benefits you consume at any time, such as adding a little pepper to a grill / cocktail drink or a fruit juice drink. This does not only help the bowel health and help weight loss, but it also strengthens the immune system more robust.

      5. Use pepper oil
You can mix 2 to 3 drops of pure black pepper in a glass of regular water for every meal, breakfast, or can be mixed with pepper sauce on a vegetable, lettuce. Pepper oil can help reduce fatty acids, fatty fatty acids, and lower cholesterol in the body, especially to increase the cholesterol levels of bad cholesterol and create healthy fat cells in the body.

Citrus lemon juice helps you lose weight!

Citrus lemon juice helps you lose weight!

 As long as we talk about breaks, we especially care about many things, including exercise, diet, can only Keep the weight stable only if it is slightly slower than the original. Ever had heard of fruitless fruit or refined beverages can help you lose weight quickly. In fact, lemonade has Efficacy helps to lose weight fast.

            1- How to use a lemon to lose weight Using citrus fruits, it is possible to lose weight just by using it as a liqueur, such as lemon juice. Citrus lemon uses lemon as a flavorful ingredient for eating citrus juice, as well as citrus fruits. There are many other ways.

           2. Drink citrus fruits lose weight better than other beverages American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Alissa Rumsey, said that citrus can be a motivating factor. Let us lose weight because it helps us to be healthy compared to other types. There is no doubt that drinking citrus juice is better than drinking coffee and tea and other beverages because drinking beverages are healthy. Better both physical and emotional make us stop consuming caffeine, the body can eliminate many toxins. Also. On the other hand, the wedge helps to make the metabolism better, helping the body burn more calories, store more fat. Less instead helps the weight loss process even better. So, if we want to reduce coffee consumption but do not want to drink regular water, add a few slices of citrus to enhance the taste and good For health.

          3. Cholesterol is an effective urinary incubation High-performance wedge acts as a natural remedy for urinary incontinence, preventing bloating, and cleansing of the digestive system. As the body collects more water, our weight becomes even heavier. Citrus juice can also resolve constipation problems, as more acidic can stimulate the stomach to produce more odor to reduce Gastric acid levels are low, making digestible waste easier to digest. However, before using lemon juice, weight loss should be discussed with the doctor because citric acid is acidic. In the stomach, excessive acidity can cause acid reflux disorders, leading to heartburn.

           4. Help not starve Researchers believe that citrus helps reduce weight through reduced appetite, such as coffee, tea or milk, can be cut. Reduce our hunger. However, citrus is recommended as a good choice because low calorie does not increase weight. In particular, Dr. Anna Z. Feldman, a prostate specialist in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that "wedges and food problems were not related " . No. However, despite direct contact, citric substances are good for health because antioxidants and vitamins C help strengthen the cholesterol. Genes and body immune system.

            5. Drink citrus for health Nutrition Starring You, a nutritionist and nutritionist based in Lauren Harris-Pincus, says that citrus juice can boost metabolism in the body. However, do not think that lemon is a metabolism in the body because metabolism increases with metabolism. More effective when the body has enough water. He said no matter where the results came from, we should start drinking citrus juice from today because this kind of health is good. To the body, ketchup can help to lose weight or not. However, for our weight loss plan, do not expect high levels of citrus juice because there is no medical evidence that orange Cats have the effect of losing weight yet.