This very hot summer if the belly does not get dehydrated because of pregnancy! - Global

This very hot summer if the belly does not get dehydrated because of pregnancy!

This very hot summer if the belly does not get dehydrated because of pregnancy! Water is especially important, especially for girls who are pregnant, and this hot weather is even more important because during pregnancy the body is The more water is needed, the less likely it is that the water is lacking, and the odds are in the same condition. "Hello doctor" will detail what is causing the symptoms, and how to protect each other, we all know.

       1. How can you know that dehydration? 
 The main symptom is fever, because when fluid loss occurs, the body will not be able to adjust to the body temperature. Right. On the other hand, we can also examine our own urine to know if there is a lack of water and if the urine is reddish Drink plenty of water. Symptoms of dehydration commonly include:
            - Dry mouth
            - Thirsty, nervous Sleep
            - Less urine Headache
            - constipation - dizzy If severe dehydration is common, symptoms can include:
            - Remaining rest
            - wandering
            - Less urine or no urine
            - eye of the cave Rapid breathing
            - Rapid heart rate Low blood pressure

        2. The causes of dehydration Occurs 
when we drink normal water or other types of beverages less than the amount of body spent (emptied) means we are losing Water is in the body. While pregnant belly water is important, it is important to be involved in the formation of the placenta, which is a gateway from the mother to the baby. Surface and main causes include: Exercise too much
         - Diarrhea too strong
         - vomiting
         - fever - Strong sweat
         - Drinking insufficient water

          3. Dehydration affects the baby in the area?
 This can cause many complications for both our health including the baby in the womb can cause    problems such as: The abdominal spinal cord is abnormal
        - Twins less than usual
        - Early delivery
        - Fewer breasts
        - Disability from birth

       4-How to prevent pregnancy loss during pregnancy 
                 This is a girl we obviously does not know that to avoid losing water, drink lots of water, but What we should know more is to avoid caffeine drinks because it can make us more peptic ulcer, causing dehydration and Avoid exercising too much, moderate exercise for health Both Mom and Baby. When the sky is hot, it should not go out too much. Should drink water with you when you go out and drink enough water. One suggestion is that you should consume 12 glasses of water per day for good health. But if gastrointestinal bleeding occurs, you should not drink water while eating. However, eat plenty of water between meals to avoid discomfort in the abdomen. In case of losing nausea, talk to your GP about the problem.