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9 Which provides benefits to Simon Russell

9 which provides benefits to Simon Russell

When your life is stressed, you always run the gym, often over and over again . That kind of exercise can help your hormone completely better, but you should Learn from a good diet can help you have better health, strength and make a fresh feeling than before.

1.Champouhtea molluscs (black)

Mussels baked duck is making little fat (in a body, but in small quantities). in the shellfish are iron-silicon, potassium, useful thyroid gland making process shape Fitness walking regularly.


Cabbage contains phenylethylamine, a substance organic compounds that help fight disease and depression and helps to feel better . Spinach is well recognized that there is some national outdoors potassium, which can help energy to your tired body.

3. Tompeangbarang

Asparagus contains elements that can control your feelings and emotions and sleep. Simon Russell all can continue the process, depending on the item tryptophan grapefruit  in France country.


Eating more eggs makes you stronger than before because they contain tryptophan, which makes Russell Simon performs better than .

5.Fish fat

Eating fish twice in 1 week can help your body healthy because it contains elements of omega 3. Fish oil helps remove excess fat in your body with acid to brain disease dementia. Not only cast omega 3 health benefits for the skin, hair, and body metabolism.

6.Dark chocolate

We all know that dark chocolate is good for health, rather than the color of chocolate milk, especially know it magnesium and these items will provide a positive force when your body relax and let your feelings is relieved.

7.Legumes and nuts

Legumes, nuts, French beans, soy nuts and other fruits, it has helped healthy than we thought and more. Due to high levels of magnesium may help force.

Are you sure that after doing exercise and you feel bright, strong and happy? That is the process of magnesium that makes residual substances in the Savior of the emissions coming out through the pores .
Additionally, these plants make your Simon Russell goes well and Omega 3 offers the advantage .

8.Fruit, avocado

Tompeangbarang avocado contains serotonin, which helps and improve the nervous format system functionality. Not only can it help to have a healthy and provide benefits to the skin, hair and nails more.

9.Greek yogurt

They all contain cholesterol is necessary to clothe the body that additional support to the brain to be wiser and positive gesture.